Friday, February 6, 2009


Hello to all and welcome to my very first blog!! I'm so excited to have this up and running just in time for the release of Seducing the Viscount. To get the blog off to a bang I'm going to be giving away a copy of the book next week, so I hope you'll check back for the details!! In the meantime I'm going to be offering a contest of my Alexandra Ivy site! Over the next few months I intend to spend some time answering the questions of those of you who are interested in writing or just historical trivia. So if you have any question concerning publishing or writing, I hope you'll take a minute to let me know! Until then, happy reading :)



  1. I love it!! Great to know you have a blog for your historical fans now!


  2. I had no clue you wrote under another name. I'm so happy to know this know. I guess I need to pay more attention. Seducing the Viscount will now be on my wish list.

  3. Adding this site to my favorites. Looking forward to trying one of your historicals. I'm sure they're as great as the paranormals.

  4. Hi Deborah! Love your books. I have several of them & plan to acquire more.

  5. Happy Friday! I love both sites - they are both very well done!